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innovative membrane technology

The future of Oxygen enrichment for industry

The Dilemma

Oxygen is expensive but necessary for many industries such as farming, aquaculture, combustion industries, wastewater and so much more. The world’s agricultural and industrial sectors require a solution that provides oxygen on demand that won’t break the bank.

The Solution

XElement provides a quick fix and efficient solution for oxygen production at a fraction of the cost of leading competitors. Our products also offer our clients the opportunity to create a significantly lower carbon footprint. We use tried and true technology in an innovative way that is easy to integrate and adds value.

The Future

Find out how you can get involved in the future of oxygen enrichment technology. We are looking for industry and research partners, investors, marketing specialists and innovators to join our team.

how it works

The Innovation

XElement uses a proprietary air separation technology, that can be powered by renewable sources, which produces air that is 50% pure oxygen. This system offers lower operating and capital costs than the current leading technology.

The Innovation

Membrane Technology

Advances in membrane filtration technology have been accepted as the mainstream technology for filtration in industry since the 90's for many reasons. It’s imperative that we start using it in the aquaculture and wastewater treatment industries.

• long lasting

• smaller carbon footprint

• easy to operate

• lower energy consumption

• highly effective

Carbon Footprint

Sustainable Choices

How do we incorporate sustainable energies? Why this is important?

At XElement, we are committed to the health of our planet and our children's future. We strive to honor this commitment, by lowering our carbon footprint on this great planet. The incorporation of, easy to implement, renewable energy sources will potentially save you even more on your energy costs and reduce your impact on climate change.

• Solar power options

• Wind powered options

• Turbine and tidal powered options

Cost efficiency

Cost effective and guaranteed

How do we keep costs low for the consumer while adapting to inevitable changes? Through innovation and a commitment to creating the most efficient and affordable technology options for our clients without compromising quality and keeping up with your changing needs.

• up to 50% energy cost savings

• up to 50% savings on general mechanical maintenance

• Reduce your risk! As the industry changes so do our products. If your project moves to land based systems, we adapt those systems to meet your needs.

• technical support and repair with leasing contracts and optional warranty coverage

• capital cost of our system is significantly lower than current alternatives

About us


Solving big problems

We are passionate about our earth, the well being of your consumers, and the financial health of your company. We strive to find solutions towards a better way to make oxygen readily available. We make oxygen accessible by creating affordable and innovative solutions for a variety of industries.


Oxygen depletion is a concern for our oceans. By providing oxygen enriched air to farmers, we help to reduce costs and carbon footprint while improving animal welfare.

Waste water

XElement oxygen enriched air helps to speed up waste water processing at a lower energy cost.


Oxygen is critical for the hydroponics farmer. XElement technology ensures that the optimal level of oxygen is available to the root systems of crops.

Oxygen Enhanced Combustion

Oxygen enriched air allows for higher temperature and cleaner burning for incineration and stack clean up.

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